Pre-Conception to Parenthood Badassery.


We believe coaches and communities are the conductors of change for women, families and future generations. Through knowledge of movement interfused with natural life cycles, together we ignite courage in a woman’s innate abilities, femininity, and wisdom to be the most fierce version of her true self.

Colleen is a pre-conception/pregnancy/postpartum strength coach with resources for coaches, personal trainers, and health professionals.

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The Coach of Team Prokreate!

“I’m the inciter calling women and experts to uplevel motherhood through truth, movement and collaboration for the prokreating revolution.”

I’m Colleen Flaherty, NSCA-CSCS. My spirit animal is a Lioness, I enjoy long swims in the ocean and sipping fair-trade organic coffee while reading as many publications as I can on all things womanhood and health!

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