Strength and Conditioning for Motherhood.

Train for Birth, Train for Life.


My question for women, coaches, and birth workers is simple, “Why would women NOT specifically prepare their physical bodies for the physical experiences of growing, birthing, and caring for a child?”

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Yet, most prokreating women are not exercising correctly or at all. This leads to higher risk of pregnancy issues for mom and fetus, higher percentage of birth interventions, higher levels of postpartum anxiety disorders. Children who experience traumatic or less-than-optimal care in utero and/or birth can carry issues with them through life unless they are addressed as infants and young children. 

This suffering can be alleviated by expanding our knowledge of what the female body is capable of and be open to the paradigm shift that our bodies are more powerful than we can imagine.

All I provide is rooted in evidence from a variety of professions so that we can share our knowledge for the greater understanding of perinatal health and longevity. This is a revolution in movement, in female empowerment, for our future generations!

Colleen is a strength coach for women during pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum as well as an educator for trainers and health professionals.

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I’m Colleen Flaherty, NSCA-CSCS. My passion is helping you move your body correctly and specifically for your needs to prepare for whatever life, or a little human, throws at you!

Without the prep work and education, we can’t make the choices that are in alignment with our truest selves. Since the body is our vehicle for learning, integration, and power, we must prepare it for the change of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood since well, we grow a baby IN our bodies!

With my training, we bring attention to the intention of your movement, your support systems, knowledge and how training translates into your best life. I take your trust seriously and that means I’m here to support you feeling, speaking, honoring ALL OF YOU.  Read more….




Thanks Colleen for an awesome class! I felt so great and safe even being SOOO pregnant. Loved it and all these ladies and kiddos!
– Brittney, mom of 2


I love this lady to the moon and back! Colleen and I have been friends and fellow entrepreneurs for several years now. I’ve done tremendous internal work around my fertility issues. Now I get to have someone else who I believe is one of the best in the biz support me in getting my body ready for fertility treatments and hopefully more. I can’t say enough about what this woman brings to the workout room and beyond for ladies choosing this wild ride called motherhood.

– Brenda, growin’ 1st




Colleen kicked my butt this morning with a special 1-hour workout centered around kettlebells. I’m feeling so relaxed now. If you’re wanting to get in shape for the labor of birthing or get to a new good place postpartum/post-adoption, I highly recommend trying out classes with Colleen! – Sally, mom of 1


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