Welcome to movement sessions & a community that supports all the humans in your family.

Prokreate & Co/Create

You’re in the right place if you:

…don’t know how to stay active during pregnancy.
…are unsure of how to exercise as a new mom.
…have a hectic schedule or kid(s) at home.
…want a movement date with your partner or friends.
…desire for your kids to have different or more movement in their lives.

Through our Prokreate and Co/Create sessions, you’ll find specifically designed programming for your changing body, mom AND partner AND growing kids! We believe that our bodies need more “real-life” movement that is fun, engaging, challenging, and yes, sometimes weird. There’s never a dull workout nor is there ever any judgement. We support every human doing what they need to feel safe, joyful, and expressive.

Welcome CO/CREATE Cafe & Gym visitors! We are excited you are here! Our vision of movement, cafe, and play area is still alive, it’s now beginning with a simpler model. As you know with life, things change, and we are moving full steam ahead to offer families incredible support! 

Prokreate is for Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Optimization.

You’re a Prokreator if you’re trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments, currently pregnant, or a partner of a woman in these stages!

Co/Create is for Strengthening the Bonds & Bodies of the Entire Family.

You’re a Co/Creator if you’re in any stage of postpartum and parenthood. Co/Create sessions also include Family Movement Sessions with kids!

To be our best, we must feel our best. 

Colleen has extensive knowledge and history training women through preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. She’s also worked with partners and general population. The passion to run family classes with parents AND kids runs deep from her 16+ years coaching soccer and nannying.

All sessions address cognitive, emotional, physical, soulful, collaborative, and fun movement to address injuries, restrictions, pain, and immobility that are in alignment with your needs, to optimize strength, resiliency, and adaptability.

That’s all a fancy way of saying lets have fun moving our bodies to reduce stress and handle the load of what life throws at us!

Want to Work Together? Here’s How:

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Professionals love learning with us!

“I can attest to the fact that Colleen is a passionate speaker and a treasure chest of women’s health knowledge. Her focus on helping women prepare their bodies physically for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum is both intriguing and incredibly important for women during their childbearing year, as well as for the birth workers who support them.”

Joy Koberick, CCCE, HCHD, APPAC, Joyful Roots

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