Strong Communities Build Strong Families.

If you're a mom-to-be, coach, or birth pro, our mission is to
support your strength, connection, and education.


Here at Prokreate, we’re real with you. Because we love you and want to see you thrive! Let’s face it, no woman or couple can bring a child into this world alone. Yet so many go without the nurturing, empowering, supportive, educational team they deserve.

Our mission starts with each individual and grows outwards to the community at large. First and foremost,  we practice and share evidence-based knowledge to all those involved in the prokreation adventure. This means we serve women, men, birth workers, midwives, OBs, and the large variety of other wellness professionals!

By expanding our knowledge of what the female body is capable of and shifting the paradigm that our bodies are more powerful than we can imagine, we’re uplifting entire communities to recognize that this is not a one profession or one person job! We all depend on one another!

Simply put, our passions are:

  • supporting women to feel their best!
  • helping professionals understand the amazing, robust changes during motherhood!
  • building the local team and network for everyone’s benefit!

Movement Enhancement (in Your Home!)
The perinatal time period is not the time to join or restart a bootcamp, yoga, or CF class without understanding your body’s needs, mitigating diastasis recti and incontinence, and knowing how to amplify your superpowers. Contact now to book your free first session and learn more.

San Diego Classes
Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum small group strength and conditioning classes to prepare your body for the changes and challenges of motherhood! More info.

Personal Training or with Friends Sessions
Sometimes you need all eyes on you. And sometimes you want to sweat with your gal pals in one of your backyards. More info.

Gym Mastermind Weekends
Helping facilities enhance their services for parents on a deeper level to build stronger communities and bottom lines. 

From ‘Birth Partner Body Mechanics’ to ‘Lifting in Pregnancy’ to ‘Postpartum Rehabilitation’, Colleen can speak about a magnitude of topics relating to movement! More info.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Course
Learn how to optimally serve your pregnant and postpartum clients through this comprehensive, 2-day course. More info.

Prokreate Radio Podcast
This podcasts covers a wide variety of topics and interviews to help women, partners, and professionals navigate their way through the adventures of pregnancy, birth, and parenting! More info.

Coach Finder
Click here for a list of professionals who have taken our strength course or participated in our Weekends!

Musings and knowledge bombs from Colleen and guests! Read on.



Colleen kicked my butt this morning with a special 1-hour workout centered around kettlebells. I’m feeling so relaxed now. If you’re wanting to get in shape for the labor of birthing or get to a new good place postpartum/post-adoption, I highly recommend trying out classes with Colleen! – Sally, mom of 1


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