Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Coach

What is my why?

“Be the coach I needed when I was younger.”

I needed coaches that understood female athletes. From proper soccer training to focused strength and conditioning to going beyond the physical to support me as a whole emotional, mental, spiritual person. I needed a coach that taught me empowerment and emotional well-being. Who believed in my grit as well as my grace. Someone who wasn’t afraid of the power of feminine. Who honored my uniqueness as a female athlete instead of trying to train me ‘just like the boys’.

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This isn’t a blame game, it’s just how things were for the past 10-15 years. Because I didn’t have the type of coaching I needed when I started soccer at 10 years old, I broke and it has life-long implications into the choices I make. I tore both my ACLs as a teenage soccer player due to the lack of education around female athleticism and what makes us anatomically, emotionally, and mentally different. The compounding effects of inadequate training led to my injuries, my struggles, the journey of discovering myself. Again, support fell flat in both my recoveries. Each time I graduated physical therapy, it was just a, “see ya later and good luck!” versus an in-depth progression of return to sport, how to thrive, what best self-care practices I could undertake, how I could actually live a healthy life without every day pain.

Sound familiar? Most women aren’t given proper movement education during pregnancy to effectively help them avoid the typical pregnancy “aches”, birth injuries, and a wrecked core postpartum. It’s usually a, “good luck!” or “just walk” recommendation vs. an in-depth progression of how to truly be strong and confident. Armed with this knowledge, women would feel more confident before and during their pregnancies giving full focus to growing a healthy fetus under low stress. They wouldn’t fear birth or feel like an observer of their life, instead they would be in charge as the decision-maker. They would be capable of lowering risk of injuries during pregnancy and postpartum!

But this is the broken system we live in and it’s our mission to heal it. Girls are 8 times more likely to tear their ACLs, 1 in 4 women suffer incontinence, 60% and rising c-section rates. These things don’t only affect our current population, but also generations to come. The horrific statistics should rocket us forward to hunt for EXCELLENCE for females as young as 2 years old, when they’re just starting out on their running, climbing, life adventure.

Just because we’re different from men, doesn’t make us weaker or unworthy. It’s a basic anatomical and mental/emotional fact that needs to be adapted and implemented MORE in youth sports all the way to strength facilities and movement programs for adult women. More than ever, females are participants in youth sports. More than ever, women lift weights. More than ever women are getting injured and it’s about time we figure out how the fuck to support and empower them throughout their entire lifecycle!

Trainings/Continuing Education

Postpartum Health Alliance PMADs (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders) Training
Julie Wiebe Online Training Modules (1-7)
APPPAH 2018 Congress

Community Involvement

2018 Postpartum Health Alliance Materials Chair Board Member
Postpartum Health Alliance Member
Volunteer at the 2018 APPPAH Congress

How do I support you?

Through a variety of movement and strength classes for women and their partners, I help you feel confident, ready, stress-free, supported. Check out class times, locations, or personal training options!

Are you a coach or gym owner in San Diego? I support your coaches and perinatal members, take a look.

Together with Adam Cristantello, B.s, CF-L2, we teach an 8 hour Seminar for coaches and health professionals.

I teach 4 different workshops for the active woman/mom (ask me to host in your town!).

To bring people from all over the globe together, I host Prokreate Radio where you can be a guest! Apply here.

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