Expert Call for Women: 45-60 minutes with Colleen to learn all you can to be supported and confident in your stage of womanhood! Ask ALL your questions and receive advice based on YOUR needs! You’ll walk away with a comprehensive plan (10-15 pages!) of action for your next steps. $150 

Remote Programming Periodization for Women: Monthly workouts and lifestyle support for any stage of motherhood based on your individual needs, athleticism, location of workouts/equipment, injuries or health status, time, and goals.

This isn’t just exercise, this is whole-body optimization for your parenthood adventure including movement, meditation, mobility, sleep support, and nutrition guidelines. $250/month (recurring through Paypal)

Expert Call for Coaches or Health Pros: 45-60 minutes with Colleen, an expert in pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum exercise and wellness. Ask questions in regards to clients, programming, safety, research, business differentiation, experts to refer to and more!  $150