What is the San Diego Kollective?

The SD Kollective was established to build your real-life, real-talk, in-person community. This is through classes, workshops, gatherings, socials, and more! So much has been lost in our isolation as a Western culture that ‘getting together’ is more important than ever. Research has shown decreases in anxiety, depression, stress in people who were part of a community and felt fully supported.

It’s easy to be online, but nothing will ever replace our deep innate need to be close to other human bodies; to feel warmth, hold hands, to hug, to yell, to feel the vibes of others who call you “sister”.

Welcome to the tribe, the ‘hood, the Kollective.

 If you or someone you love is pregnant, trying to be, or already a mama, do yourselves a favor and go see Colleen Flaherty. She was an integral part of my healthy pregnancy and continues to positively influence my life as a mother. 

Small Tribe Training

Exercising with a group can be more fun and less stressful on your wallet! These groups are kept intimate to 4 or less woman to ensure safety, trust, camaraderie, and effectiveness. 

$40 per session  

Contact Colleen to learn more and join other badass mommas!


Personal Training

Colleen works with women at every stage of parenthood from preconception to postpartum! 

$75 – one session  
$350 – 5 sessions (Save $25)
$675 – 10 sessions (Save $75)

Contact Colleen to share details on what you need and together we’ll figure out a convenient location and schedule.


Parenthood Optimized is for couples who are looking to THRIVE from preconception through parenthood. Sure, there’s going to be a learning curve, so let’s set you and your future child up for the best possible outcomes.

This baby-making thing is a two person job, right? So doing things TOGETHER through the process only makes sense, and that starts with your health as a couple.

Did you know the health of your baby begins before conception? So if you’re looking to create life, there’s no time to waste, let’s get going! Not only will I help you move and have fun, we’ll also look at building your pregnancy and birth team, what local resources are at your fingertips and how you can best prepare for conception.

If you’re a pregnant couple, let’s strengthen your bodies and relationship. Let’s make sure you’re both eating nutritiously, moving well, keeping stress hormones low. We do this through movement and laughing and growing together physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally in preparation for being busy parents.

  • 4 – 60 minute partner personal training sessions per month ($400 value)
  • Monthly class membership for both partners at G-Fit ($280 value)
  • Mindfulness practices and stress-reducing activities
  • Connecting you to local and online resources
  • Nutrition Guidance via referral to expert

12 month commitment through preconception/pregnancy/postpartum (*if pregnant, memberships will be put on hold for up to 8 weeks until ready to return post-birth.)

$500/mo ($678+ value) or $5400 upfront (save $600!)

Colleen only works with a select few couples so apply now to reserve your spot!


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