We believe coaches and communities are the conductors of change for women, families and future generations. Through knowledge of movement interfused with natural life cycles, together we ignite courage in a woman’s innate abilities, femininity, and wisdom to be the most fierce version of her true self.






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June 2nd 9am-5pm @ Iron Forged Athletics, Fayetteville, NC
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June 23rd 9am-5pm @ CrossFit Orvieto, Italy
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Brittany Smith, MS

Brittany Smith, MS

CF Coach | Columbus, OH

"I registered for this seminar to gain confidence in coaching and training pregnant women. I feel a lot more confident in my coaching abilities and my understanding of the changes the woman's body goes through during the course of her pregnancy and how to properly scale/modify workouts to her needs throughout."

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Objectives of the Prokreate Seminar:

  • Learn pregnancy and postpartum anatomy.
  • Tools for mental and emotional support through each trimester and with new moms.
  • Building a network and how it can benefit you, your community, and your business.
  • The power of breathing, pacing, and helping clients practice for labor and parenthood.
  • Understand the core and pelvic floor; what movements aid healing, what movements can make issues worse.
  • Revisit basic class programming goals and how to modify according to woman’s stage.
  • Learn how pregnancy movement encourages fitness for labor in both mom and fetus and also optimal positioning for fetus.
  • Recommendations for new mom return, the postpartum healing process, what programming should include/not include, and why.

With registration and attendance, you receive:

If you’re pregnant and due close to the seminar date, don’t worry, we’ll issue a full refund if baby decides to join you earlier than expected!

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“The comprehensive nature of the course was extremely useful. I feel comfortable talking to clients and other healthcare professionals due to the extensive physiological and research based information provided.”

– Carolynn, CPT, Rochester

“The course was a lot of fun. As a male, it certainly broadens my understanding of a topic I’m not entirely familiar with. As a trainer, it makes me more aware of the natural processes of the female body in the scope of physical fitness.”

– Orrie, Owner Flatbush CrossFit

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You Here! :)

How are baby-bearing women dominating the gym scene?

Millennial women, ages 18-34, dominate fitness class attendance. They also train with personal trainers and weights more than Gen-X and baby-boomers.

18-34 year olds are asking for more social exercise, authentic experiences, calm atmospheres, & opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

Females dominate fitness classes 5:1 over males. Owners increase participation by offering programs relevant to millennial females & by increasing the quality of coaching.

Convenient location is the #1 reason for gym attendance followed by good vibes. If you don’t know how to create a safe atmosphere for women, you’re missing a huge % of clients.

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Seminar teaches participants:

1. Pregnancy anatomy and changes by trimester
2. Pregnancy exercise limitations, modifications and substitutions
3. How to create pregnancy programming and workout modificationss
4. Postpartum anatomy
5. Postpartum exercise limitations, modifications and substitutions
6. How to create postpartum programming and workout modifications
7. Postpartum depression and disorders, professional referrals, and coaching support

Course participants will first learn pregnant and postpartum anatomy, it’s limitations and needs. Within this context are appropriate training thresholds, modifications and substitutions for each trimester in addition to postpartum rehabilitation and return to exercise. How to modify programming/workouts is covered as it is very important to stay organized according to the woman’s needs within the context of coach’s regular class formats.

All this is done in both a hands-on and presentation-style format.

We agree to abide by the CrossFit CE Approved Provider Standards of Professional Practice. Click here for full disclosure, refunds, cancellation policy.

Your attendance is FREE if we host in your facility! There are some requirements for hosting, view them here.