Training on the journey to parenthood can be frustrating and overwhelming. Let’s cut to the chase.

Comprehensive, one on one consultation for all your pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum movement questions and concerns. Email Colleen to schedule your 45-60 minute phone call. $150 includes phone call and on-going text/email support.

Coaching baby-mommas and parents can be confusing and scary. Be a game-changer for your community, clients, and business.

We provide hyper-focused services and education to empower gym owners and entrepreneurial coaches. Click here to see the full list.

Professionals love learning with us!

“I can attest to the fact that Colleen is a passionate speaker and a treasure chest of women’s health knowledge. Her focus on helping women prepare their bodies physically for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum is both intriguing and incredibly important for women during their childbearing year, as well as for the birth workers who support them.”

Joy Koberick, CCCE, HCHD, APPAC, Joyful Roots

Welcome to a place where the professionals are real with you because we love you and truly want to see you joyful. This IS achievable for you if you believe it and work for it. Yes, it’s going to look different from everyone else’s journey because we all have different DNA, needs, lifestyles, environments.

Let’s face it, no woman or couple can bring a child into this world alone. Yet so many go without the nurturing, empowering, supportive, educational team they deserve.

Our mission starts with each individual and grows outwards to the community at large. First and foremost,  we practice and share evidence-based knowledge to all those involved in the procreation adventure. This means we serve women, men, coaches, birth workers, midwives, OBs, and the large variety of wellness professionals!

By expanding our knowledge of what the female body is capable of and shifting the paradigm that our bodies are more powerful than we can imagine, we’re uplifting entire communities to recognize that this is not a one profession or one person job! We all depend on one another!

Simply put, we believe:

  • women and partners deserve BETTER from us as care providers and coaches.
  • more professionals need help understand the amazing, robust changes during motherhood, and we’re here to share evidence-based knowledge with them.
  • building the local team and network benefits everyone; from multiple generations, to the great variety of professionals, to babes & parents.