Course Disclosure

Refunds: We will issue refunds minus $87 for the Strength Guide PDF download. Full refund sixty (60) days before course, half refund thirty (30) days before course. No refund within thirty (30) days.

Cancellations: if less than minimum participants register, a refund minus $87 for the Strength Guide will be issued.

Complaint resolutions: please submit your feedback, complaints, applause to

Safe and appropriate venues are selected for course if they are established performance and/or wellness facilities.

If conflicts of interest arise, it will be addressed and disclosed in the highest professional manner.

Our providers are certified professionals in the medical or exercise field. They have a college degree and have been practicing their trade for at least 3 years. Our course content is built on scientific research that has been published in medical journals around the world. Qualified personnel are provided with adequate orientation and training.

Providers and instructional personnel must:
• Be qualified by virtue of education and/or experience.
• Effectively convey intended information to meet seminar objectives.
• Demonstrate high standards of professional conduct.
• Not discriminate against participants based on gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability.
• Ensure that relevant financial and non-financial disclosures are reported to course participants. We have an affiliate relationship with Most-Fit and Julie Wiebe, PT online where we make a percentage of sales if purchases are made using our custom link or code.

An assessment form will be completed and handed in by each participant at the end of each CEU seminar. This will give providers feedback on course outline, structure, content and instructor competency.