How to go From Birth to Lifting Again

Recovering from the hard work of pregnancy and birth is necessary before starting into or back into an exercise routine. This means appropriate amounts of rest, hydration, fueling, processing (ie. processing your birth experience, the loss of self and the finding of self as mother, and more), emotionally checking in, having the support to do activities just for you and feeling truly ready in your body to move again. I say this last point because you shouldn’t feel obligated to move because your friend lost her babyweight in 4 weeks or you ‘passed’ your 6 week check up. Do you REALLY FEEL ready to start exercise?

Then comes the actual movement. Where do you start?

There’s a huge gap between birth and movement that looks like pre-pregnancy movement. You’re not ready to go to that intensity yet and this guide shows you how to get there, safely.

Included are:

  • Core rehabilitation for any birth experience (natural, c-section, tearing)
  • How to breath and rebuild the mind body connection with your core and pelvic floor
  • Movements to perform while laying and standing holding baby
  • Movements you can add in while you’re already moving
  • Progressing to body weight movement
  • Check points for yourself to know if progress is being made and if you’re ready to move onto the next ‘phase’
  • Back in the gym protocol and where to begin with lifting
  • Tips for baby wearing, standing, posture
  • and much more!

And lastly, I am ALWAYS here for you. After downloading, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

I also offer remote programming and have helped many moms get back into a lifting routine they love because it’s pre-made (who has time to think of a routine?!), it’s 100% customized to their body, needs, and lifestyle, and they have the accountability to someone who knows what’s up as a mom!

I’d be honored  to work with you too! Email me to schedule a phone conversation to share your needs with me and learn more.