Have you ever felt hesitant or even reluctant when it came to the programming for a pregnant or mom members?

There’s a lot to consider when training a woman in this stage of her life!

After teaching seminars to coaches around the world, the collective source of pain is questioning if their programming is safe. No coach wants to injure a client, let alone one with child.

Indeed, this is huuuuge responsibility that requires specific education.

For me this is my passion. I’ve spent the past 5 years studying perinatal anatomy/physiology and coaching this demographic. I love working side by side with coaches to help them better empower their members. 

Let me take some of the burden off this “labor” intensive process by becoming an ally with your coaches and perinatal members. 

Below are a couple options of how I can best serve. Think of me as a consultant you’ve brought in, like a nutrition specialist, that enhances your member experience by optimizing their well-being in and out of your gym.

I’d love to connect with you at your gym or over coffee to learn how I can best serve your coaches and members! Contact me today!

Pregnancy Training Plan

A one-time meeting with member to establish a game-plan for training with you and your coaches through pregnancy! She’ll receive a print-out of recommendations that she is to share with you. (Client’s investment)

Postpartum One on One Training

For women 3-12 weeks post-birth before they get back to your regular classes.

This training fills the gap between birth and return to exercise that so many women fail to utilize as a time to lay the foundations for successful healing and strengthening. My goal is help them recover and get to a place of confidence so they’re returning to your gym sooner and stronger. I offer 6 week personal training or small group training for these women in-home or at a park. (Client’s investment)

In-person workshop(s) at your gym, for your coaches and/or members

One off or periodically! Handouts included. Plenty of time for movement demos and Q & A.

  1. Preconception – training to conceive
  2. Pregnancy – how to safely lift, move, breathe for growing a human and birth
  3. Postpartum – coming back to classes, your new mom body road to recovery

Each workshop is 2 hours; $150 per workshop that either you cover or members pay (ex. $15 per member if 10 register).

Pregnancy & Postpartum Strength Course
for your coaches

Our 7 hour course on how to effectively and confidently train perinatal women. Learn more at www.prokreate.co/course. (Coach/Gym investment)