Transcendental Training for San Diego Women

Research shows decreases in anxiety, depression, stress in people who are part of a community and felt fully supported. I’ve established a real-life, real-talk, in-person community through classes, workshops, gatherings, socials, and more so that you can feel the connections to truly be your best woman, mother, lover, friend.

Come join us to be close to other human bodies; to feel warmth, hold hands, to hug, to yell, to feel the vibes of others who call you “sister”.

Welcome to your community, the tribe, the ‘hood.

 If you or someone you love is pregnant, trying to be, or already a mama, do yourselves a favor and go see Colleen Flaherty. She was an integral part of my healthy pregnancy and continues to positively influence my life as a mother. 

Strong Tribe Training

This training for pregnant and 12+ week postpartum mommas are kept small (6 only) for a reason: intention, focus, accountability, evolution. I don’t want you if you’re half committed to yourself. I work with women who want to show up FULLER, healthier, stronger, mobile, energized.

3 sessions available/week. The more you come, the faster you excel!

You pay for 8 weeks of either:

3 sessions/week = $600 ($25/session) or 2 monthly payments of $300
1-2 sessions/week = $300


Training Days

Sunday’s @ Balboa Park Playground 10:00-11:00am

Wednesday’s @ Balboa Park Playground 10:00-11:00am

Friday’s @ Kate Sessions 10:15-11:15am

Balboa Park Playground: meet at the playground near 6th street, near bathrooms.
Kate Sessions: meet all the way at the end of the parking lot near circle turn around.

Join Us

Contact Colleen if you have questions or concerns. She’s got your back woman!


Personal Training

One on One sessions are important if you have orthopedic considerations, time constraints, or need in-home training because you’re newly postpartum or have multiple, mobile children!

Space limited! Colleen is only taking on 2 more PT clients at this time.

Contact now to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and learn more!



6 week Postpartum Reintegration (for women 3+ weeks post-birth)pregnancy postpartum strength conditioning birth exercise fitness safe crossfit prenatal mom san diego

12 personal training sessions over 6 weeks focus on preparing your body to return to the exercise you love! We focus on proper breathing, activation, alignment while building full body strength. Motherhood is a time for recovery and reconnecting, do it smartly to set yourself up for success!

Schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and learn more!



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